Jul 24, 2009

Comic Con: Not Just For Dorks Anymore

I've never been to Comic Con, and as far as I know, about 99% of women are in the same boat as me. At least they were, until Twilight came along. Now, poor pimple faced comic book geeks everywhere are having to share the one weekend a year where they all come together to celebrate their love of comics with crazy ass Twilight fans.

Honestly, how many of the Comic Con "regulars" do you think have ever actually come in contact with a teeny bopper (besides their way cooler younger sisters - what makes them so cool? Damn them!) let alone thousands of screaming psychos all hell bent of getting a close up of RPattz or Taylor Whatshisgayface? I bet those boys are shaking in their Watchmen outfits! Poor things.

Anyway, here's a video some Twimom (yeah, I know) took of she and her fellow crazies going bonkers over new clips from the Twilight: New Moon movie. This shit looks fucking ridiculous, but although I'm not quite as crazy as these ladies, you bet your sweet ass I'll be there opening night!

Jul 21, 2009

Ron Weasley Has Silver Eyelashes?

I love the Harry Potter books. And I even liked this last movie (though don't get me started on pretty much all of the others). And we all know how obsessed I can get with certain movies (mainly ones starring RPattz). But even I am blown away by this Harry Potter fan.

I've always found Japanese people to be... eccentric, but this girl takes the crazy cake. When she smelled his eyelashes I nearly peed myself. Imagine what she'd be like if she met Daniel Radcliff. She'd probably coyly ask to smell some more personal part of him... ew.


Jul 18, 2009

NO! Not Paula!!

Okay, yeah, I'll admit it. I watch American Idol. Not all the time! Just, you know, when I remember (and if I forget I watch the performances on the internets and squeal like an idiotic teenager).

I know it's a bad show, but have you ever seen it? If you watch for no other reason, at least you have to tune in to see Paula Abdul making an ass out of her drugged up self every week. That woman in sincerely pilled up and bat shit crazy, man. And we all love her for it!

Well, all of us besides the bastards at American Idol. Apparently Paula is not being invited back to judge this upcoming season!


I know!! LAME! Without her incomplete sentences, babbling "compliments", and embarrassing gyrating to the really rockin' songs, the show is pretty much BORING. And I'm guessing they're replacing her with that stick figure moron lady Kara Diowhatever, so that'll be totally lame and uninteresting.

Kara Diolamesauce is like Paula if she stopped taking the drugs and actually tried to sound smart and/or make sense. Which means she is both incredibly annoying and totally fucking boring.

Anyway, I'm going to go listen to some Paula Abdul and remember the good times. FU AI!!


That's really all I say can about this photo. That and a woman was driving, which is ironic considering the sexual implications of this picture... ladies is nastay too!

Jul 16, 2009

These People Need Help

For those of you who think I'm obsessed with the lameness that is Twilight, take a look at these freaks. And also, screw you! I'm only obsessed with RPattz, thank you very much.

And even so, you better believe I'd never get his Twilight character's face permanently etched on my ass. I draw the line at choking down those awful books... fucking Mormons...

Thanks Angelina

Jul 14, 2009

Eternal Moonwalk

People are doing all sorts of cool (and totally ridiculous) things to honor the late Michael Jackson (and I'm posting about nearly all of them, and no, I won't stop). This website is just another example of how important MJ was to the world, especially in terms of his dancing.

People the world over are sending in videos of themselves looking like assholes as they try to mimic MJ's famous Moonwalk... some of them are closer than others, but they all seems to have one thing in common: their hands! They all look like either mini T Rex's or mimes on crack.

Dancing isn't just about your feet, people. Come on! Get those hands under control. And the dude in Hong Kong needs to remove his video before he becomes the next William Hung...

Click here to check out what I'm rambling about... and check out the video above to see how it's really done.

Jul 13, 2009

Amy Winehouse Returns to London; Leaves Drugs, Fashion Sense in St. Lucia

Whoa whoa, Amy Winehouse. First, let me say it's nice to see you back in London, ready to face charges of beating up some poor loving fan and maybe, maybe working some more on a new album (hey, I'm still a fan for sure).

That being said, what in the name of JcPenny's dollar sale are you wearing? I mean, come on! Okay, okay, the white pumps aren't terrible (by comparison, anyway) but the onesy diamond dress?

And hi, nice hair! Okay, that a low blow, I know, but there was a point when she had it all! I mean, she was a crack smoking anorexic with a crazy dirtbag husband, but she looked pretty fucking cool. And while I'm glad she got rid of the drugs/Blaaaake, did she have to throw out her wardrobe as well? Maybe there was crack residue or something in the fibers...

Either way, the next step should not have been to turn into an ill dressed wannabe business woman... just saying...